Maintenance Tips

Visit Larry and Dan’s Marathon for proper car maintenance.
Proper maintenance is key to the efficient operation of your vehicle!

We Offer a Free 5-Minute Safety Inspection!

Oil • Tire Pressure • Coolant • Belts

Or, if you choose to perform your automotive checks yourself, consult your automotive manual to determine the type and schedule of the recommended service.

Maintain proper oil level: Vital to the life of your engine

  • For proper engine care, check your vehicle's oil level once a month; recommended oil change minimum every 3000 miles.

Maintain proper air pressure in your tires: Important for safe vehicle operation and maximum tire wear.

  • Keeping your car's or truck's tire pressure at the correct psi (pounds per square inch) is vital to ensure the safe operation and maximum wear and gas mileage of your tires.
  • To ensure you continue to check your air pressure, Larry and Dan's Marathon will provide you an air gauge for a low cost of $0.99. Check your tires' air pressure once a month.

Maintain proper engine coolant levels: Protect your engine and cooling system.

  • Running an engine with low levels or no coolant can cause severe engine damage. Check levels when engine is cold.

Belts: A broken belt can leave you stranded

  • To ensure proper care have your belts checked periodically or if a belt is squealing.
  • Larry and Dan's Marathon can check for cracks, wear and tear.